Update the packages

We are periodically doing updates on the code (new tools, bug fixes etc), so keeping it up-to-date can be very useful.

To update all the packages we’re going to use the vcs-tools utility (https://github.com/dirk-thomas/vcstool).

It should be already installed during the installation procedure, otherwise sudo apt install python-vcstool.


cd ~/isir/orocos-2.9_ws/src
vcs pull
# update submodules for bleeding-edge updates (OPTIONAL)
vcs-git submodule foreach git checkout toolchain-2.9
vcs-git submodule foreach git pull

Update RTT ROS Integration

cd ~/isir/rtt_ros-2.9/src
vcs pull

Update rtt_lwr

cd ~/isir/lwr_ws/src
vcs pull
vcs-git submodule update